Please remember that it is not possible to reserve camping spaces.

Most likely even during the high season there is a chance to get a nice pitch.

We do always have availability.
If at your arrival we have to manage many checks in, we work with a waiting area,  where three times daily, there is a check in procedure.

In case you are not able to check in on the same day of your arrival, the waiting area is at no charge and provided with electricity, water, WC (unfortunately it's not possible to put a tent on it).
During the waiting time you have free access to the campsite (except pool zone). The next morning you could be then able to get a pitch. (The waiting place has a limited capacity).

For our guests arriving with a tent, we try to find them a place on the arrival day but please note that we cannot guarantee this for a 100%.

We recommend arriving and announcing yourself at our reception early in the morning.
Please note (see the price list) that in the high season, we do have a minimum stay of 2 nights in the campsite. Thank you.

For motor home higher than cm 320 we only have 6 places that are in row 76 (see camping plan).

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