Campofelice Camping Village is located in a privileged position in Canton Ticino…

…Overlooking the beautiful Lake Maggiore, a lake that strokes Switzerland and Italy and which houses the beautiful islands of Brissago: a small botanical paradise near to the coast.


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…A few kilometers from the suggestive village of Ascona, known for its colorful houses overlooking the Lake Maggiore and loved for its character.


Ascona is a magical place in all seasons, and in summer is filled with artists thanks to events such as “JazzAscona” and “Artisti di Strada”.

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…Close to Locarno, the historical and cultural center of the region. The city offers a rich historical heritage, for example, the castle Visconteo, the churches in the old town and the picturesque Piazza Grande.


Locarno hosts the most important events in the region_ the international film festival “Locarno Festival”, the concerts “Moon and Stars”, the ice-skating rink “Locarno on Ice”, and much more!

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…At the foot of the Verzasca valley: a valley rich in history, surrounded by greenery and crossed by emerald green waters. The valley is home to several typical villages, from the Verzasca dam to Sonogno, where you can go hiking, cycling and stop for a refreshing swim.



…Next to the Gambarogno Riviera, a region surrounded by greenery and overlooking the Lake Maggiore.


Gambarogno is known for its nature reserve “Bolle di Magadino” that border on the Campofelice Camping Village, the botanical park of Gambarogno and the Vairano mount,

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...A stone’s throw from the historic castles of Bellinzona, UNESCO world heritage site. The visit to the three medieval castles is possible on foot or by a tourist train.




…Surrounded by valleys and mountains, to discover our rich territory on the saddle of your mountain bike or by foot, along the more than 1400 km of hiking trails in the area.

Territorio_Valli e montagne

The territory allows you to go from the lake to the tops of the mountains in a very short time, thanks to the cableways and uphill facilities.

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...Thanks to the Ticino Ticket included in your stay, you can reach all places for free by bus or train. Besides, you will have a discount on the price of cableways, uphill facilities and many attractions in the area.


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