Environmentally friendly

Campofelice Goes Green!

We care about our planet and for years we have been committed in a respectful use of the environmental resources. Thanks to our dedication we achieved the “Ecocamping” brand in 2009, recently renewed in 2018. This allows us to constantly evaluate the relationship between  overnight stay, garbage and consumption.

Water consumption


All the bathrooms are equipped with a water saving system. 

Solar panels installation


Photovoltaic systems on almost all the roofs of Campofelice structures.

Recycling areas

Environment_Recycling areas

We have different locations for recycling and garbage disposal, so that our guest can correctly sort paper, plastic, glass and metals. In 2019 we got new  glass and paper containers.

Verzasca river bank

Environment_river bank

The Verzasca river bank was refurbish after the "bio-engineering" mandate, this ecologically integrated and preserved the landscape of the protected area of the Bolle di Magadino and encouraged the fish rehabilitation in a natural way.

Bolle di Magadino

The natural reserve of the Bolle di Magadino, a wetlands of worldwide relevance, is a precious  shelter for numerous animal and plant species that became rare in all of Europe due to systematic destruction or the wetlands.

Environment_bolle di magadino

Campofelice promotes awareness about the natural area while informing guests that access is forbidden to the Bolle di Magadino reserve  via the lake, as well as along the Verzasca and Ticino river.

Sustainable mobility

Environment_Sustainable mobility

In order to support the sustainable mobility we rent out e-bikes with different power and speeds.
More information: Rental service

Rent me! 100% electric

rent me

Rent the new fully electric Fiat 500 and discover Ticino's picturesque views in a totally ecological way.